Tom does put some good info out there, same as fouts but they both have the same issue, they think that the way they are describing technical aspects of the sport is the correct way and what they are saying is “the gospel of boxing”
Both Tom & Fouts are quite ignorant in some respects. For example I’ve seen a vid where Tom shows you the aspect of foot placement both in “on gaurd” and throwing a particular shot the one I remember he was saying that you want your back foot pointed outat 90 degrees and that having it pointed at 45 with the heel off the floor is wrong.
Same with fouts, he did one the other day where he showed Ronda rouseys trainer working with her on the pads. He pointed out that she was been taught wrong cos she was going onto the balls of her feet and tbf to fouts the example he showed, rouse was technically in correct but there is times u can throw a shot off the balls of both feet, but according to Fouts you cant.
Tom Yankello and fouts also, need to spend time studying the Russian and also Uzbekistan national team training system, them 2 national teams are masters at switching between the heels and balls of the feet. Them 2 teams are very similar in styles and training methods but they differ from the Cubans style. The Russian team at times raise their lead heel high and throw their jab off an arc’d trajectory and they do the same for the back hand with there back heel been near on vertical at the point of impact.
The Cubans in general have a shorter stance to the russ/uzbeks, they throw their jab a lot straighter and their back hand straighter.
So who’s correct? To keep it simple the Russians have a slightly different approach to the Cubans but both teams are highly successful and neither of these national teams would hold their foot position like Tom says you MUST do.
Also the Russians will sometimes throw shots off the balls of both feet, something fouts laughed at and ripped the hell out of rouseys trainer for.
Now like I mentioned the particular clip fouts showed, I would also agree with him that it’s was “technically incorrect” but he went on to dismiss any shots been thrown off the balls, instead of saying there is ‘a time and place to throw these types of shots’
Both Tom and Fouts whilst been good at what they do and Tom especially, he’s a very experienced coach who I have the utmost respect for, they are both a bit guilty of ignorance.
Look around bud, take a few month out to study the Russians, Uzbeks, kaziks, Ukraine, Cuban amongst others, study for a 6 month in the very least, study their technical trai ing systems, compare them all against each others.

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