sparge water addition from HLC to wort


in class, we used the water level ruler that came with the brewha system. seems like this water level ruler isn’t available for sale, and there are not any similar products available.

from reading forums, some people use math, some follow the recipe. others use metal rulers, wooden dowels, wooden yard sticks. the best one i think is the suggesting to use a big stirring spoon and marking on the spoon. i’m thinking to make indentations at regular intervals to represent gallons or quarts or liters. whatever.

One way to mark the metal spoon is to use the spoon end to touch the water and tape the top part of the spoon to correspond to the top of the pot. As the boil occurs and the water evaporates and is absorbed by the grain, the water level will go down. The difference between the new water level and the tip of the spoon end, is an amount of water to add. However, for sparring, there might be more water to use.

I’ve read for sparring, the amount of water to add is 1.5 time the amount used for the mash.

The mash being the concoction of grain and water. The consequent wort is the liquid after the grains are removed from the concoction.

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